Silicon Milkroundabout is back with 800 jobs for top tech talent


People power is king.

When talking to entrepreneurs about getting their start-ups off the ground, success often comes down to the team.

But when you’re a fast-growing scrappy start-up, finding the right talent quick enough can be a real nightmare.

Luckily, East London’s tech start-up scene has Silicon Milkroundabout

It’s a jobs fair which has already woven itself into the fabric of the scene, with only three previous events under its belt, having launched in 2011. Organised by the Songkick team and sponsored by Mind Candy, the event is a permanent feature on many a start-up’s calendar.

“We are hoping to see 150 start-ups represented at this November’s fair, up from 120 back in May,” Pete Smith, COO of Songkick tells me.

“We think this growth reflects how much of a fixture the fair has become – many start-ups factor it into their recruitment plans and aim to pick up a developer or two at the event each time.”

The two-day event will take place on the weekend of 10-11 November in the Old Treman Brewery on Brick Lane.  

Silicon Milkroundabout exhibitors meeting the crowds

Silicon Milkroundabout exhibitors meeting the crowds

Start-ups, including Badoo, Wonga, graze.com, Songkick, Moshi Monsters and MOO.com, look to reward the most talented software engineers, product managers, and designers with 800 jobs.

“The Silicon Milkroundabout job fair brings together top tech start-ups with top tech talent” says Smith.

“We want to show how, in working for a start-up, you can have a great time along for the ride at a high-growth company, and learn enough to perhaps found your own start-up in the future and become one of the UK’s next high-tech entrepreneurs.”

 The Silicon Milkroundabout team work closely with universities and especially student bodies in order to attract the top development talent to the fair. But the fair also attracts more experienced talent and goes out of its way to accommodate people in all situations.

“We did a survey and asked those who had registered but not come along and many said it would have made a difference if we had a crèche so this year we’ve added one,” Smith tells me.

“It’s representative of the kind of friendly event it is. It’s not in your face, you can show up and mingle, talk to whoever you want.”

800 jobs will be on offer to attendees specialising in Software Engineering, Product Management, User Experience (UX) Design, Visual Design, and Intelligence/Analytics.

“The success of Silicon Milkroundabout reflects the success and growth in the tech sector here in the UK,” said Benjamin Southworth, deputy CEO of the Tech City Investment Organisation.

“It has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for the Tech City community.It’s a great platform for talented developers and designers to connect with some of the most innovative businesses in the country.”