Shenzhen designers light up London Fashion Week


More than 20 design houses from China turned up to display the growing strength of their region’s fashion prowess. Here’s the full list

The pulling power of London Fashion Week was in evidence on Monday as a large delegation of designers from Shenzhen hosted an exhibition and catwalk show at the Freemasons’ Hall and Grand Connaught Rooms on Great Queen Street.

There was also a strong desire to prove that Chinese designers are up there with the best at London Fashion Week

More than 20 firms had travelled from Shenzhen, a region on China’s southern coast renowned for its textile industry.

The exhibitors arrived hoping to find British distributors for their brands and to offer outsourcing services for UK brands seeking to manufacture clothes in the Far East.

There was also a strong desire to prove that Chinese designers are up there with the best at London Fashion Week.

LondonlovesBusiness.com spoke to the Awakening brand on their reason for making the long trip to London Fashion Week.

A spokesperson for Awakening told us: “We hope to find a distributor. Maybe a department store.”

She said she hoped the Awakening brand’s values would appeal to British buyers:

“Our brand concept is being loving, friendly and eco-aware. Some of the materials of the clothes are made of recycled material. And you can see that there are animal themes, like a bird and a swan, on the clothes, which says that we need to protect animals. We can’t murder them for clothes. We need to love and protect our planet, our home.”

The brand is strongly anti-capitalist: “We don’t make our clothes expensive, as we are not about profit. Instead we want to promote issues such as vegetarianism and an eco-friendly way of living.

The catwalk show was attended by around 150 guests.

A dress from the Deng Hao collection London Fashion Week

A dress from the Deng Hao collection

Deng Hao’s show at London Fashion Week

Deng Hao’s colour theme for this year was red and green.

The exhibitors were:

Haiping Xie


Founded 2005

Up and coming designer Haiping Xie exhibited to great acclaim at the last London Fashion Week. He mixes Chinese prints with Western design themes to produces one-off haute couture pieces. His collection this year incorporates traditional Chinese legends with modern western elements and also represents the transformation from ancient times to modern society.

Deng Hao


Founded 1993

Deng Hao is one of the most renowned designers in China. She is a fan of Islamic architecture. She incorporates elements of mosques and Chinese architecture into her collection. Her aspiration is to help her customers who range from 25 – 50 to “bloom as flowers”. Today her daughter Nicole Xie helps design the collection. Xie is graduate of Central St Martins.

Omnia Luo by Zheng Luo


Founded 1996

First Chinese women’s wear brand to be listed on the American stock market.



Founded 1992

Large scale clothing brand for “mature ladies”, well known in China.



Founded 1995

The name is a Chinese pronunciation of Champs Elysée, Ellassay has more than 300 own-brand stores across China. In 2009 the firm received private equity backing from the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest private equity investors.



Founded 2006

Catchily name women’s fashion brand, available in 300 stores in 20 provinces across China.

MY MO My Moment


Founded 2003

Own brand women’s fashion, with facilities to design and manufacture for overseas partners. Owned by Hong Kong brand Lifestyle International (Hong Kong) Co.



Founded 1993

A subsidiary of the Hong Kong Jiyai Group, this women’s fashion brand is sold in more than 300 luxury goods stores across China. Sales are in excess of Yuan800m.



Founded 1988

Owner of the Sarah Dean fashion brand which is exported to the US and Europe, Shenxin is both a design house and outsourcer for foreign brands seeking to manufacture clothes in China.


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Founded 2003

Women’s apparel with a strong ethical and eco-friendly message.



Huge outsourcing operation based in Shenzhen Tian An Cyber Park. The firm covers 30,000 square feet of factory with more than 800 employees.



Haute couture brand for “unconventional individuals”.

Le pargay


A black and white only range of clothing.



Founded 1998

Home to the French designer Marcel Marongiu, Eitie is owned by the Eitie corporation of Hong Kong.



Small, quirky, brand.



Fourteen year old brand, Lizzy is the label of Chinese designer RenXin, who follows  “noble, elegant, gorgeous” philosophy.

Mondial Atelier


Founded 1978

French brand, founded  by Sun Jinghui. Moved to China in 1992. Targeted at “high class, middle age women such as lawyers, doctors and government workers”.



Founded 1996

Manufactures men’s and women’s clothes for designer labels. Has contracts with more than 500 Western corporations.



Founded 1996

Dress maker. Produces both Western and Chinese style cocktail dresses under its one brand. Exports to the US, Singapore and Japan, as well as 80 cities in China.

Nuit Blanche

Founded 2003 by Harald Peclat, a Swiss, and Mrs Laio, Nuit Blanche produces clothes in partnership with the Fortune Group Corporation of Shenzhen.

Email: [email protected]



Men’s suit brand, sold in Paris and Milan

Charm & Rigr


Hats and accessories maker. Factory is located in ZhongShang City, Guangdong Province.

Shenzhen Beautiful Alliance Tech Corporation


Founded 2007

Virtual fitting platform based on a “Magic Dressing Mirror” software concept.