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ServiceNow CSM use cases that benefit your business

by Sarah Dunsby
16th Jan 23 5:00 pm

In today’s global corporate market, providing better customer and staff services stands out as a crucial competitive advantage. Businesses may improve operational productivity and customer satisfaction with the help of ServiceNow CMS. This article provides you with two instances of ServiceNow CSM use cases, each with a unique problem to solve, and demonstrates how the business may make use of this technology to come up with effective answers.

What exactly is ServiceNow CSM? Why does it matter for your business?

It could be challenging to handle several customer support inquiries coming from different means of communication. Ineffective handling of these requests could lead to higher operating costs and a worse customer experience.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is the coordination of activities among consumers, service departments, and other essential teams to respond to requests and resolve issues as rapidly as possible.

ServiceNow CSM makes typical customer support platforms more functional and makes it possible for businesses to use the front-to-back strategy. It turns providing customer service from a set of solitary tasks into a team effort, boosting output and lowering costs.

ServiceNow CSM use case examples

1. A standard four-year university or college resumes courses following the COVID-19 closure

The issue

Colleges and institutions throughout the world face significant challenges when it comes to securely reopen their campuses after the COVID-19 outbreak forced them to do so permanently. Several schools are looking to implement staff testing standards to safeguard the safety of the students. To identify potential exposure scenarios, these suggestions can require individuals to regularly complete a series of sign & close-contact evaluations. In these tests, a routine COVID-19 check should be performed. However, the screening process must be swift and accurate given the number of tests required, especially for more prestigious campuses with a large staff.

The solution

Employers would be allowed to use the ServiceNow Consumer Service Administration platform to submit routine medical tests. Using Performance Analytical insights also enables the organisation’s administrative team to keep track of screening results. Administrators can quickly analyse staff performance using these statistics. Through connections with the independent Test Planning software, users can access report findings on a Test Scheduler system.

These technologies enable universities to create an organised and automated approach for handling assessments for all campus personnel. This procedure could include:

  • Organising the everyday routine COVID-19 examination
  • Conducting the wellness examination
  • Evaluating the results of the medical check-up
  • Taking the quick test

Expected outcomes

Universities would only need a few weeks to put these procedures in place and guarantee the staff and students a safe return to campus. They must be able to use these tools, and the rules and regulations they impose, and execute hundreds of tests each day.

2. A local and state government agency faces difficulties in transitioning from a traditional system

The issue

To maintain internal IT operations and avoid a shutdown, government organisations may employ a legacy customer support system while updating to a new CSM. But many employees prefer the department’s conventional technologies. As a result, they might be slow to install the improved system. Making the CSM more user-friendly may be the agency’s primary goal in this scenario to boost user engagement.

The solution

The IT department of the government corporation might create a brand-new CSM layout that considers and displays its acceptance problems, process hiccups, and other issues spots. To ensure that the most important services and information remain readily accessible and responsive, this strategy can involve reconfiguring the platform. The interface may have a more streamlined design to reduce employee resistance and provide a more fulfilling and effective experience.

The predicted outcomes

Considering the agency properly delivers all essential features and functions, this new system should satisfy the worries of their staff. To improve the user interface, the redesigned ServiceNow Services CMS will feature a new appearance and experience, as well as a more straightforward navigation method. More significantly, as more staff transition to the updated system, more users submit issues and support requests timelier and more effectively. Finally, everyone participating in the consumer care process saves a lot of time.


ServiceNow CSM enables us to provide the ultimate omnichannel customer experience. This is achieved by ensuring that customers can contact the service division that is most relevant to them. Any of the following options are viable: email, messenger, phone, WhatsApp, chatbot, Facebook messenger, or an internet site.

The demands and expectations of our customer support team may develop along with ServiceNow CSM because it is a completely extensible solution. Starting with accessibility, where customers may choose their preferred manner of contacting customer service through AI-driven problem solving, through building consumer trust by informing them of choices. Additionally, it raises customer satisfaction by providing a workplace that is geared toward resolving problems quickly.

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