Self-proclaimed “pansexual” Zac Goldsmith “torn” over compulsory sex education teaching it is acceptable to be gay


“I would be the mayor of all London”, Zac Goldsmith says. But what does he mean?

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has said that he is “torn” over whether he would back legislation that brought in compulsory sex education for schools in London.

He said he could not commit to supporting a policy which would teach all children it is acceptable to be gay.

Speaking to Pink News, Goldsmith said he “struggles with the issue”, because he is “very strongly supportive of the government’s free schools agenda, which allows parents to set the ethos and the direction of schools.”

However, he also said that he doesn’t believe any children should be taught that if you are gay you will go to hell. Responding to a question on that subject, he said: “No, clearly not and for me that crosses a line.”

During the interview, Goldsmith also described himself as “pansexual”. He said: “I would use the term pansexual here, if my understanding is correct.

“I would be the mayor for all of London.

“London is a beautiful, big, diverse city and needs a mayor that can speak for everyone.”

Here is the definition of Pansexual from Dictionary.com:


1. Psychiatry. pertaining to the theory that all human behavior is basedon sexuality.

2. Also, omnisexual. expressing or involving sexuality in many different forms or with a variety of sexual outlets.

And here’s one from OxfordDictionaries.com:

Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

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