Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is better than John Lewis’s. Watch it here


Mog the cat would scram the man on the moon in a head-to-head battle

Mog the cat

Dangerous feline Mog the cat

John Lewis thinks it has the Christmas ad game sewn-up. And it’s not entirely wrong. The release of the company’s Christmas ad has become a sinister annual event, in which the media goes into full-gush over an emotionally-charged marketing campaign designed, let’s remember, to get you through their doors.

But last year, Sainsbury’s got in on the action, and spoilt the party for John Lewis by releasing their own First World War themed marketing bid that made people weep, spend and murmur over whether it was in the best taste.

This year, Sainsbury’s has avoided any potentially controversial subjects, and has gone with cats. You know, cats, like off the internet viral videos. Everyone loves cats.

The video sees a family asleep at night, while their lovable pet cat, Mog, sets the entire house on fire, then takes the credit for saving what remains of the house.

This devious creature has clearly got the mentally weak humans sussed, and gives younger viewers a valuable lesson in psychological warfare.

For this reason, it is much better than John Lewis’s sentimental child-poison in which the apparent lesson is that it’s fine to forget about old people, because you can make up for it at Christmas.

Nontheless, both companies must be applauded for giving some of their takings to charity. Sainsbury’s has partnered-up with Children in Need, while John Lewis as gone with Age-UK.

Here’s Sainsbury’s effort:

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