Robyn Vinter: Cameron’s fine line – women’s minister doesn’t support equality, while equalities minister doesn’t support women


The PM is trying to avoid another scandal by splitting Maria Miller’s former role

The new women’s minister doesn’t support equality and the new equalities minister doesn’t support women, it seems.

David Cameron has appointed two ministers to take over from Maria Miller, who resigned this morning. He has already come under fire for his choices.

Sajid Javid, a former Treasury minister, has taken on the responsibility of culture secretary and minister for equalities, while Nicky Morgan has been appointed minister for women.

In March, Javid suggested women didn’t “merit” serving on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee – remarks which were branded “outrageous” by Labour.

The previous month, Nicky Morgan was forced to defend herself to her constituents after voting against equal marriage rights for gay people. She has also been known to support reduced access to abortion.

Given the column inches devoted to Miller and the media scrutiny that currently surrounds the appointment, you’d think the PM would have picked two slightly less controversial characters for these roles.

Doesn’t number 10 have someone Googling these people before they are appointed?

Does Cameron think we’re unlikely to do a quick background check on the people running the country?

It seems the PM is trying to avoid another scandal by splitting the role. But another could be brewing as the Twittersphere is already saying he’s keeping the “homophobe” away from equalities and the “misogynist” away from women.

Or does he simply not care?

I think it’s the latter. Perhaps he knows it will all blow over like Miller’s expenses.

Oh, wait.


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