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Pros and cons of giving gift cards to loved ones

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24th Jan 23 3:20 pm

Gift cards have a negative reputation, but they are unfounded. After all, not everyone wants to add to their mess, and the right gift card lets the person you’re spending it with get what they want rather than what you think they want.

When you’re not sure what to give someone and want to avoid giving them something they don’t want or need, a gift card is always a safe bet. They won’t look impersonal if you choose the right gift card.

Almost all merchants, both online and in-store, provide gift cards as a means for customers to buy or send money to friends.

Gift cards are available in both physical and digital formats (electronic gift cards), each with a number of unique characteristics and incentives. They designed digital gift cards to be used online or over the phone, while we can use physical gift cards in stores or online.

Open loop and closed loop gift cards are the two main types of gift cards. Open loop gift cards can be used wherever certain brands of cards are accepted.

If you have a Visa branded gift card, for example, you can use it to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. And no Best Gift Cards to give would be more practical than this. You can order them online or pick them up at most stores. Closed-loop cards, on the other hand, can only be used in certain businesses.

If you buy a Starbucks or Amazon gift card, for example, you or the recipient can only use it at the retailer that made it available.

Pros and cons of gift cards.

Pros of a gift card

Gift cards can provide several benefits. Consider the following scenario:

  • They can be a good alternative if you don’t want to pay by cash or credit card.
  • During the holidays or for other special occasions, gift cards are a great way to show someone you care.
  • Gift cards can help you track your spending (help to avoid bank overdrafts).
  • They have the capacity to be easy and understandable.

Cons of a gift card

There are various downsides to using gift cards. Example;

  • After making a purchase with a gift card, there may be some money left over that, if not spent, is money wasted, either through forgetfulness or reluctance.
  • To increase money, you can pay a purchase or recharge fee.
  • Closed loop cards have minimal purchasing power.
  • If you do not use your card, you may incur inactivity fees.

Gift cards are great last-minute gifts that will arrive on time, especially now that most brands offer e-gift cards that can be emailed in seconds.

Here are three gift cards to suit anyone’s taste, whether they enjoy movies or coffee;

1. Amazon gift card

There’s a reason nearly everyone uses Amazon: it allows customers to get almost anything they want delivered to their door in a very short time.

You can get almost anything on Amazon, from small waffle makers to the coldest winter jackets to Apple AirPods Pros.

So whether it’s your teenage niece or your mother, a gift card for a major retailer is a great gift for anyone on your list.

Your e-gift card can be emailed or texted to you or the recipient, and the minimum value is $1, making it suitable for any budget.

2. Amphy gift card

One of the best gifts we can give is the gift of knowledge. Amphy knows that. With their live classes, you can learn a range of different skill sets. And it’s all virtual. You don’t have to leave the house or change out of your sweatpants (but for God’s sake, put on a shirt!).

One of the best things about the Pandemic is the rise of virtual learning. We’re not taking it to the streets—we’re taking it online. So for those who live busy lives and don’t have the time to take traditional classes, Amphy is here for you, and they have the best Virtual Gift Ideas for your loved ones, anything from mastering puppet fun for kids to hula hooping. They have it all.

No matter the occasion, Black Friday or anything else, Amphy Gift Cards make an excellent gift. It’s also easy to do. You can choose any amount you like and send it to anyone with an e-mail address.

3. Google Play gift card

The best of the digital world is available with a Google Play gift card. You can use the card to buy apps, movies, games, TV shows, audiobooks, and more.

Google Play gift cards open up many possibilities for your loved one. The Google Play Store is not the same as the Google Store, as Google Play gift cards cannot be used to purchase tangible goods from the Google Store.

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