Prince Harry closes record-breaking currency deal


Prince Harry has closed a record-breaking deal worth 18 billion euro (£15.5bn) as part of a City fundraising day arranged by a global inter-broker dealer.

The 26-year-old royal was taking part in the BGC Partners charity day in London’s Canary Wharf when he made the world-record breaking foreign currency trade.

Harry manned the phone to close the deal between Barclays London and a European counter-party based on projected currency values between September 13 and 14.

His performance at the fundraising day – described by one City worker as “brilliant” – came on behalf of a charity he co-founded. The charity, Sentebale, supports vulnerable young people in Lesotho.

Foreign exchange broker Robert Sully gave Prince Harry the phone on which he sealed the deal. He said: “We told Harry to say ‘28 your choice’ which means you can buy or sell.”

Harry entered into the spirit of things, rolling out the complicated language of the trading floor during the call.

The BGC trader said the trade was the biggest forward foreign exchange deal on record – beating a record of 17 billion euro set at the end of last year by the Duke of Cambridge.

Harry said: “It’s great to see everybody making an effort on Monday morning. Great atmosphere, everybody is wearing rugby shirts except for a few of us in suits.”

BGC established the charity event in memory of the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald workers who died during the 9/11 attacks in New York. The investment bank is BGC’s sister firm. Memorials held in New York and London on September commemorated the victims’ lives.

The prince was followed by people eager for a picture as he wandered around amid the relentless chatter and communication of the trading floor.

Speaking about his charity Sentebale, he added: “We’re doing as much as we can in the time we’ve got available, but the fact these guys have chosen us as beneficiaries is absolutely fantastic.”

Before closing the record-breaking deal Harry was shown around a small zoo at the City firm. The zoo was founded to entertain children helped by some of the charities which will benefit from the fundraising. The prince had a look at some small monkeys and reptiles during the visit.