Pickles' £250m weekly bin collection initiative sours the Twittersphere


LondonlovesBusiness.com at the Conservative Party Conference

Eric Pickles’ plan to provide local councils with £250m to restore weekly bin collections has caused a furious backlash on Twitter.

@snapey tweeted at 9.17am this morning: “#Pickles can find £250m for bloody bin collection, but they ‘need’ to make NHS cuts. Doctors better for health than empty bins. #tory #fail” .

While MPs and the media busy themselves with the first day of the Tory conference, the proposed return of weekly bin collections is angering the Twittersphere.

#Pickles and #£250m are trending in London (meaning they are the most talked-about topics among all London-based Twitter users), as is @johnprescott, whose tweets today are being widely retweeted (forwarded on Twitter). A selection of @johnprescott’s tweets is below – the former deputy prime minister has 95,000 followers.

  • @johnprescott £1bn cut from adult social care this year. £250m reinvested here would save lives and support vulnerable people
  • @johnprescott1020 Navy personnel to be sacked today. But never mind. Chicken Tikka Masala remnants will be collected weekly & we’ll drive 10 miles faster
  • @johnprescott So cost of collecting Chicken Tikka Masala weekly = £250m. Saving from sacking 1,020 naval personnel = £232m #letthemeatcurry

John Prescott and others are using the hashtag #wereallbinthistogether to make their views heard.

“£250m can pay for tuition fees of a 3 year £9k per annum degree for 9,259 people #wereallbinthistogether,” tweeted councillor for Brent, Krupesh Hirani.

“£250m is how much less we’re spending on Social Care than 10 years ago! #wereallbinthistogether,” tweeted @jofwise.

Another very popular tweet picked up by London tweeters was @CJGillett’s: “Eric Pickles finds £250m to pander to Daily Mail bin-whingers. That’s 70% of the entire Arts Council budget. For bins. #today”. The tweet refers to accusation that the Tories are reacting to the Daily Mail’s campaign to reinstate weekly rubbish collections. The Daily Mail is making the same claim.