Paris attacks: 2,000 new spies for UK, as Cameron says UK must “show resolve” and “carry on”


UK to hire 2,000 new spies for intelligence services

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris on 13 November, Prime Minister David Cameron has called for the UK to “show resolve” and for people to “carry on with our way of life”.

A total of 129 people were killed on Friday, including one Briton.

Speaking to the BBC, Cameron added that the public must remain “vigilant”, for those who seek to “change our way of life and destroy our way of life”.

The PM’s message comes as increased funding has been announced to expand the UK intelligence services. Personnel numbers will grow by 15% as GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 begins a recruiting drive.

The changes will come as part of the government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review, expected next week.

Over 1,900 new officers will be hired to bolster resources to tackle terror threats, cyber-attacks, and other international risks.

Meanwhile, security experts are to be deployed round the world to re-assess airports’ security arrangements.

Cameron said: “Economic security goes hand-in-hand with national security. Since 2010 we have taken the tough decisions necessary to restore our economic strength and we now have one of the fastest growing developed economies.

“That means we can now invest more in our national security and I am determined to prioritise the resources we need to combat the terrorist threat because protecting the British people is my number one duty as Prime Minister.”

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