Osborne pressed to publish tax returns, and insists he has no offshore interests


Growing pressure on PM beginning to shift to Chancellor

Being the Chancellor of the Exchequer must be a wild ride. One minute you’re busting out new sugar taxes and cutting disability benefits, and the next minute your cuts programme has been binned and your own tax affairs are being thrust into the media spotlight.

Following the global clamour generated by the Panama Papers leak, David Cameron is the UK politician bearing the brunt of the widespread public opprobrium after a raft of legal tax evasion methods involving offshore companies were discovered to have been used by his family.

But now focus is shifting to Cameron’s number two man, “Gorgeous” George Osborne, whose office has performed an about turn overnight and has now hinted that Osborne’s tax return could be published after initially saying he had no intention of doing so.

However, they put out a statement adding that Osborne had no offshore tax interests.

A Treasury spokesperson said: “We have been clear that the chancellor has never had any offshore shareholdings or other interests. His income and interests are straightforward and declared publicly: his salary, rental income from a property in London and a shareholding in his father’s firm, Osborne and Little. He is always happy to consider ways to ‎offer even more transparency.”