Official figures show a huge rise in knife crime, rape and murder


This is how much the most serious crimes have risen by

There was a rise in knife crime in the UK last year and reported rape is it its highest in more than 10 years, according to crime figures released by the ONS.

Incidents of knife crime rose 9% in the year to September 2015, compared with the previous year, to a total of 27,487 incidents.

This included a 24% rise in attempted murder with a knife or sharp instrument and a 20% rise in threats to kill.

There was also a 4% increase in firearms offences – however, these crimes are still 55% lower than a decade ago.

In general, the number of murders and manslaughters in the UK rose 14% to 574. Violent crime was up a whopping 27% or an extra 185,666 incidents.

The number of recorded rapes increased 39%, reaching one offence per 500 people in the UK. Sexual offences were the highest on record but this was thought to be due to better reporting of these crimes due to more inspections of police forces.

The ONS said in the Crime in England and Wales Statistical Bulletin: “The inspection also found that some police forces had poor processes for crime recording in specialist units responsible for investigations of rape and other sexual offences, or those more generally protecting vulnerable people including children, mentally ill and infirm people.”

In total, there were 6.6m incidents of crime in the year to September 2015.

Jack Dromey MP, shadow policing minister, said: “Police recorded crime is rising and some of the most serious crimes have soared to the highest levels in years.

“Today’s figures do not even include online crime. Crime is changing and has moved online in recent years. The ONS has estimated that were such crimes to be included, the total number of recorded crimes would nearly double.

“Just as online crime and fraud is soaring, so too are the demands on a depleted police force to keep the country safe from terrorism and tackle child sex exploitation and abuse.”

Chief Constable Jeff Farrar, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), said the rise in knife crime was “worrying” but the figures were generally “good news” because they were much lower than 20 years ago, when crime was at its peak in the UK.

“The 6% increase in police recorded crime reflects our work to improve crime recording across the country.

“Many of the notable increases in specific crimes are attributed to more reporting and better recording.

“We believe that the increase in knife crime is about more than changes in recording and that the number of people carrying knives is on the rise.

“This is a worrying development after many years of reducing knife crime and chief officers are working together to determine how best to respond.

“Police chiefs are working individually, collectively and closely with key partners to adapt to the threats we are facing today and will do in the future so we can continue to reduce the number of people impacted by crime in the UK.”



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