Now you can get drunk in Starbucks! They’re serving beer and wine


Coming to a bland, impersonal coffee house near you

Starbucks. It’s like that old boyfriend we really hate but somehow lures us back time and time again.

We fell out with it over its dodgy tax affairs and said we’d never go back there again. We can resist an autumn sip of a pumpkin spiced latte (mostly because it tastes like sick) but now it knows we have a weakness for the sweet nectar of beer and it has set its sights on reeling us back in.

The US coffee chain that we love to hate has announced it will be serving alcohol from 4pm every day at its Stansted Airport branch.

What’s more, it’s thinking of rolling out the new menu – which includes beer, wine and hot food like pulled pork chilli – across some of its 700 other coffee houses in the UK.

The “Starbucks Evenings” venture is already underway in America, where there are 30 outlets offering alcohol and the more grown up snacks.

The new plan should help Starbucks towards its aim of doubling its market value to $100 billion, generating more income in the evenings.


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