No trousers on the Tube – the bare-legged phenomenon in photographs


Just look at these mad Londoners getting their legs out

The USA has exported many things to Britain. These include baseball caps, the mispronunciation of “privacy”, the music and wisdom of Kanye West, junk food, and lengthy HBO dramas.

The thing we import most from the US is gold – we buy just under $10bn worth of gold from the US every year.

But as well as all this, we are also the lucky recipients of the annual no trousers on the Tube day, or what they call the “No Pants on the Subway Day” over there.

It’s where people ride on the Underground without wearing a pair of trousers/skirt/dress/shorts/kilt/jeggings. They are crazy mad.

Here are some of 2016’s participants doing the no trousers thing in London yesterday.

No trousers 2016 2

King of the kooky – pink umbrella no trousers chap leads the way

No trousers 2016 3

The fellow on the left is wearing cycling shoes. This is what many cyclists look like every day to be fair. Maybe he’s not even a real participant and got a puncture on his way to work and had to use the Tube.

No trousers 2016 4

Keep it casual lads. LOOK A CAMERA. KNEEL DOWN!

No trousers 2016 5

This is as racy as London Loves Business gets

No trousers 2016 6

Oh, spoke too soon. This is the real no-trousers deal + sunglasses

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