No Lidl thing: Discount supermarket to swoop on London with 300 new stores


Move will put Lidl in direct competition with largest supermarkets

Britain is in the grip of a wild love affair with Lidl. We love their economical wines and cheap succulent meats with strange foreign packaging.

Morrisons can’t deal with it. Tesco can’t handle it. Even ASDA doesn’t know what to do about it.

In London Lidl is about to tighten its grip on our hearts and minds, as it aims to shake off its low-budget image with a full-scale assault on London.

In a move that will have Britain’s supermarket execs quaking in their strip-lit aisles, the discount supermarket is planning to open 300 new stores within the M25.

Lidl is on the up. It currently only takes about 4% of the UK grocery market, but last year turned over a record £4bn a year-on-year rise of 21%.

It has also bought a five-acre site in Tolworth in south west London, where it will build a new HQ.

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