Night Tube to be delayed “until after Mayoral Election”


Fraught late night underground service still held at red light

“There is a good service on all London Underground lines”, Hah! Yeah, until the Tube closes and you can’t get home from the rave.

Londoners were supposed to be in the midst of nocturnal subterranean train-riding by now – doing whatever we want, whenever we want, and rolling on home whenever we fancy.

But we’re still slaves to the socially fragmenting strictures of the Tube timetable, which curtails all underground travel plans shortly after midnight.

Following yesterday’s news that planned Tube strikes would not go ahead, it seemed as though the path to opening the Night Tube would now be clear.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Unions have warned that the Night Tube may not even go ahead before incumbent mayor Boris Johnson departs City Hall in May.

The 24-hour weekend service was given an initial start date of 12 September when unveiled by Johnson.

However, this was done without the agreement of any of the trade unions representing workers on the London Underground.

The mighty backlash has caused several strikes, with the potential for more in the pipeline.

Finn Brennan, district organiser for train drivers’ union Aslef, said: “We could still be months away from a start for Night Tube.

“We hope the progress that’s been made means that London will finally get a Night Tube service this year.

“If LU had been ready to negotiate a fair agreement from the start, then the delay and two days of strike action [last year]could have been avoided.

“Let’s hope they learn the lesson for the future.”

So here we are, with February bearing down on us, and we still can’t get home from the rave.

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