NEW Entreprenerd podcast: Here’s what it’s like to take a big step into the unknown and become an entrepreneur


We interviewed someone who has just taken the leap and started her own business for our brand new podcast series

Going it alone for the first time is scary. Sukhi Jutla, a former City management consultant, knows that only too well, as she’s just taken the first step into entrepreneurialism and started her own writing business.

She’d felt unfulfilled at work for a while, but it wasn’t until her father died that she took stock of her situation and decided to do what she’d always wanted and become an entrepreneur.

Hear her story in full in London Loves Business’s brand new podcast, Entreprenerd.

Find out:

  • What happens to your outlook on work when tragedy hits
  • What it feels like to step away from a high-flying job
  • Why you don’t have to be afraid to go it alone


What is Entreprenerd?

This weekly podcast from London Loves Business brings you all sorts of stories from the world of entrepreneurialism.

Each week, our host Robyn Vinter meets a different entrepreneur and hears their tale. Whether it’s inspiring, uplifting, funny, sad, embarrassing, shocking… we’ve got them all.

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