Monopoly! The prices on the classic Monopoly board no longer reflect reality. Here's the bitterly expensive truth


Do not pass go, do not collect £200, and you can forget about the free parking, this is 2016 for chrissake

Think you can buy the exclusive central London district of Mayfair in its entirety for £400? Guess again Mr Moneybags. Prices have risen since you last checked.

And it’s not just the cost of real estate that has gone up. The price of renting in London has risen too.

Rental prices have risen so much that rent is now quite a headache for the majority of London’s human inhabitants.

This matters. More Londoners rent than own property. They, no, we, are at the mercy of the market and all its capriciousness.

Flatshare-finding company WeRoom, has reproduced the Monopoly board, with the prices tenants can now expect to pay.

Here are a few of the glorious highlights:

Monopoly board 1

Weroom.com chief executive Thomas Villeneuve said: “It goes to show that London locations which 80 years ago were deemed less desirable are now in high demand, given the current housing shortage.”

Monopoly board 2

Monopoly board 3

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