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Monopoly reloaded: New-age board shows how much Londoners spend on rent

4th Jan 18 3:53 pm

How much would Uncle Pennybags pay for hotspots in 2018?

The high cost of renting in London is not really a secret, but new data shows how much it costs today to rent a room in London’s hotspots.

To illustrate this, flatsharing platform, Ideal Flatmate, has compared the cost of landing on each square of the Monopoly Board with the current average cost of renting a room in each location.

This version also tells you what per cent of a Londoner’s average monthly salary you would need to rent in each location, with some scary numbers emerging!

While the most ‘affordable’ Monopoly street to rent in would be Pentonville Road, with rooms available on average for £772 a month, living in Mayfair would set you back your entire monthly salary if you were on an average wage in London, £34,473 per annum according to the ONS.

Some of London’s most popular areas are now completely out of range for people even on average earnings, with a room to rent in Piccadilly setting you back 91 per cent of your wage and a space on Oxford Street £2,360 per month.

The average room rental prices for each street on the board in today’s prices is broken down as follows:

  2018 Room Price % of salary
Old Kent Road £912 32%
Whitechapel Road £893 31%
The Angel, Islington £881 31%
Euston Road £1,253 44%
Pentonville Road £772 27%
Pall Mall £1,533 53%
Whitehall £1,829 64%
Northumberland Avenue £1,616 56%
Bow Street £1,996 69%
Marlborough Street £2,398 83%
Vine Street £1,621 56%
Strand £1,468 51%
Fleet Street £1,665 58%
Trafalgar Square £1,690 59%
Leicester Square £1,382 48%
Coventry Street £1,472 51%
Piccadilly £2,620 91%
Regent Street £1,578 55%
Oxford Street £2,360 82%
Bond Street £1,680 57%
Park Lane £1,812 63%
Mayfair £2,880 100%

(Sources: ONS Data; Estate Agency collated figures; Ideal Flatmate independent research)

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