Mile-high prices: London airports' parking is world’s most expensive


Airports in London are home to some of the world’s most expensive car parking spaces, according to new figures released today.

Heathrow topped the list, beating parking charges across the world to be crowned most expensive.

A one to two hour stay at peak time in Terminal Four costs visitors a whopping £12.

The west London airport was closely followed by London’s other main airports, with a two hour stay at Gatwick or Stanstead costing £10, and £11 at Luton.

In comparison, short-term parking at JFK international airport in New York is £5.50, while at Charles de Gaul airport in Paris it costs £6.60.

Sydney international airport was the closest to the UK in price, with a short term stay costing £11.

Meanwhile, Greece is home to some of the world’s cheapest airport parking, with two hours in Athens short-term parking costing £5.40.

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