Mayoral candidates: Ban rush-hour trucks “building yuppie flats for Russian oligarchs”


EXCLUSIVE: As cycle injuries rise, Labour’s Christian Wolmar and the Conservatives’ Zac Goldsmith call for new HGV restrictions

Of the eight cyclist fatalities in London this year, seven have been killed by lorries.

This has led to growing calls for a ban on HGVs during rush hour.

The latest figures from TfL show that the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in London in all collisions fell by 11% last year to 432 but the total number of cycling injuries rose to 5,146.

Meanwhile, instances of hit-and-run collisions involving cyclists have risen by 13% to 1,014 over the last year.

Speaking to LondonLovesBusiness, Labour mayoral hopeful Christian Wolmar said: “People often accuse cyclists of behaving badly, but it’s clear that motorists behave in a far worse way, and more importantly, when they behave badly, they put people’s lives at risk.

“I would support a ban for lorries between 8 and 9.30 in the morning. There are all these construction trucks building yuppie flats for Russian oligarchs.

“I think you could ban most lorries at these times. I’d particularly like to see more control over the construction industry lorries. It’s the construction lorries that have been causing all the danger.”

Conservative MP and frontrunner in the party’s mayoral bid, Zac Goldsmith also said to LondonLovesBusiness that he would consider a rush hour HGV ban.

Speaking about the rise in hit-and-run collisions he said: “The figures are worrying and need urgent attention. Among other things, I’m convinced we need to look at restricting HGVs during peak times, making sure all HGVs have the latest protective equipment like sidebars and sensors, and investing so we can shift far more freight onto the river.”

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