Mark Zuckerberg did a Q&A – here are 11 questions that remain unanswered


Here are the questions we wish the Facebook founder would have answered

Internet users jostled for Mark Zuckerberg’s attention last night as the Facebook founder did a Q&A – on Facebook, naturally.

We were treated to planted questions from celebrities such as Richard Branson and Shakira, and thousands of people asking for a “dislike” button or a job at Facebook.

The Facebook founder’s answers were uninspiring to say the least (see for yourself, here) and of course the techpreneur didn’t have time to answer all the questions, but there are some we really wish he’d have got round to.

(Please note that we have copied and pasted questions directly from the forum.)


Houssam Trabulsi: You became successful without a university degree, why do you encourage people to get one?

Violent videos

Jun Bastoni: MARK. Why is it that so many times FACEBOOK has let graphic violence videos be played and “liked” by thousands of people which spreads far and wide. Is this something your team is working on? Especially in different language. I hate knowing a video of someone being stoned to death or even the aftermath of heads cut off that a child is going to see it. Needs to be fixed


Mouad Ibnobachir: Do you think providing underdeveloped regions of the world with internet access is as important as providing them with healthcare, water, and other basic needs? If so, why?


Ellen G Baroy: Do you have plans to make GIFs available in facebook?


Lìonel Tunisianò: Do you support Edward Snowden ?

Balancing superpowers

Imran Ariffin: Hi Mark. How do you see can Facebook take part significantly in balancing the superpowers in the world? I ask this question because the most powerful people and governments right now are too powerful and are seemingly fighting against each other to the suffering of the weak. I think Facebook has enough power to deal with this. Thanks Mark.

Too much Facebook

Mihir Deo: How long do you spend on Facebook every day? Do you happen to agree that sometimes spending too long on Facebook could be bad for daily social life?

Mental health issues

Paige Stephenson: How are you working on protecting young children who are expressing issues such as suicide, depression etc on Facebook as a call for help?

Becoming MySpace

Tia King: Do you think that there will ever be a time where facebook “becomes myspace” in a sense and starts losing users at a rapid rate? and if so, what would you do to remedy this and what are you doing currently to prevent that from happening?

Give me money

Serhat Akkaya: can you send to my bank accaunt just 500.000 dolar?

(Worth a try Serhat.)

Ummm… what?!

Woody Woody: Ever danced with the devil in the pale of the moonlight?


According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is now worth a whopping $34bn – 23 times what he was worth in 2008 ($1.5bn). He’s beaten Bill Gates to become “the biggest gainer” of 2014and has added $15bn to its fortune in the last year. 

Mark Zuckerberg wealth rise


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