Margaret Thatcher's Belgravia home to go on sale for £35m


Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s five-bedroom Belgravia home is set to go on sale for £35m.

The Iron Lady’s home at 73 Chester Square is where she continued to live there until a few months before her death.

Margaret Thatcher at her home, London, Britain - 01 Nov 2010

Margaret Thatcher at her home in November 2010

According to the Standard, the home is being transformed into a 7,000 sq ft mansion by adding the adjacent mews property and creating a two-level basement.

“There is no other property that can boast it was the final family home of the Iron Lady,” a surveyor told the paper.

Back in January, the home was valued at £12m. Surveyors say the “blue plaque effect” has helped add millions to the property.

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