Lord Sugar receives £100 compensation from troll after racist Twitter attack


Lord Alan Sugar stands to receive £100 in compensation after a youth directed racist abuse at the businessman on Twitter.

Sugar tweeted that the offender had been prosecuted at Chemsford Magistrates’ Court.

The 17-year-old youth admitted sending racially aggravated communications to Lord Sugar and was given an eight-month referral to a youth offender panel, the BBC reports.

Sugar – a notoriously outspoken figure and certainly not one to shy away from confrontation – said that the “level of abuse he received was so great I had to ask for help”.

Sugar thanked police for tracking the offender down.

Asked on Twitter if he thought the police had better things to do, Sugar responded: “They do but the level of abuse was so great I had to ask for help and am truly grateful something had to be done.”

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