Lord Rennard seeks injunction against Lib Dems – party turmoil continues


Lib Dem peer and strategist Lord Rennard is seeking an injunction against the party to stop it from suspending him.

Yesterday, Nick Clegg persuaded the party to suspend the controversial figure, after female party members complained they had been harassed by Rennard and he refused to apologise.

The Lord, who denies the claims, is now reportedly seeking an injunction to stop the party from ejecting him, and could do so as early as today.

In a 2,600 word statement yesterday, Rennard again refuted accusations he sexually harassed Lib Dem party members and said he’d considered self-harm due to depression which had been brought on by the allegations.

After investigating the claims, no criminal charges were brought against Rennard, however, one of the women, Bridget Harris said she is considering legal action.

Another complainant, who has not been named, said she feared a “smear campaign” against her after Rennard’s statement saying “devastating” evidence against her had been found.

“I don’t want my previous relationships raised in public,” she said. “They have nothing to do with the incident involving Lord Rennard.”


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