London's top ten richest newcomers


These 10 millionaires and billionaires recently entered the The Sunday Times Richlist for Greater London. Isn’t it time you welcomed your neighbours?

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London's top ten richest newcomers

It’s rich list time folks. We learned of the world’s billionaires thanks to Forbes the other week, and right now, somewhere in a darkened room, Philip Beresford is patiently compiling figures for TheSunday Times Rich List.

But what to do in this penniless desert wasteland of no wealth to ogle? Well how about learning a thing or two from London’s recent richest arrivals?

Sources: The Sunday Times Rich List and Forbes Billionaires List

Gopi and Srichand Hinduja

1. Gopi and Srichand Hinduja, £6bn

Source of wealth: Industry, finance

Gopichand, 71, and his brother Sri, 75, (see you’ve still got time), are heirs to the Hinduja Group started by their father Parmanand Hinduja in 1914.

The pair, two of four siblings, run the company. They’re known as GP and SP, with SP acting chairman.

The group recently bought Careline, an outsourcing business and just over a quarter of the bus-maker Optare. The global conglomerate also has defence interests in India as well as Swiss-based banking assert thought to be worth £2bn.

Ruia and his brother Shashi Ravi Ruia

2. Ravi Ruia, £4.9bn

Source of wealth: Energy

More brothers. Ruia and his bro Shashi Ravi Ruia (say it aloud and try not to smile), together built the Essar group and its Essar Energy division. Essar Energy floated in May 2010 valued at £5.4bn. The pair own 77 per cent of the shares, whose value has since risen to £6.6bn. 2011 started off as a pretty good year for them too; they sold their 33 per cent share of Vodafone Essar to Vodafone for a cool £3.1bn, but it ended badly December, when Ravi Ruia was charged with “criminal conspiracy” and “cheating” over a 2G scam. The case continues.  

Alexander Mamut - London's richest Londoners

3. Alexander Mamut, £1.8bn

Source of wealth: Finance, Internet

Proof the over fifties can use the internet, 51-year-old Kensington-based Russian Mamut, has one of The Sunday Times Rich List’s fastest growing fortunes thanks to his blogging sites. After a career in banking and Russian politics, where he was an advisor to Boris Yeltsin no less, he turned to Silicon Valley and took over the San Francisco blogging site, LiveJournal. In its 2011 Russian rich list, the Moscow magazine Finans estimated Mamut’s wealth at £1,815m.


4. Ajay Kalsi and family £1,140m is £1.4bn

Source of wealth: Gas

Kalsi ships gas from his SGL field in the Pakistani-Indian Indus basin via the company he founded, Indus Gas. Kalsi also has interests in footwear, business outsourcing and commodity trading. But it’s gas that’s brought him the cash. At the time of their valuation last year, the Kalsi family held a 69 per cent stake in Indus worth £925m.


Xiuli Hawken

5. Xiuli Hawken £1.06bn (£1,066m)

Source of wealth: Property

A lady enters the ring. A pretty damn savvy one at that. Hawken made her fortune from leasing air-raid shelters – yes air-raid shelters – and turning them into underground shopping malls. She did so with the her brother, Dai Yongge, in China before moving to London in 1991. She now works in finance and, at the time of writing at least, lives in south South Norwood near Croydon. As well as shelters and banking she’s got fingers in agricultural and football pies too; she runs Chinese football team Shanxi Zhongxin and owns China Shouguang Agricultural. She’s 48 years old.


Sevket Sabanci - one of London's richest newcomers

6. Sevket Sabanci £650m

Source of wealth: Industry

Seventy-four-year old Turk Sabanci splits his time between London and Istanbul. Having inherited Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate by profit, he has since founded his own private equity firm, Esas Holding, and is a major benefactor to Turkish charities.

He went to Manchester University so he probably likes a good p*ss-up too.


Robert Agostinelli - London's richest Londoners

7. Robert Agostinelli £625m

Source of wealth: Finance

Forbes has just valued this dapper looking chap at $1bn. Originally from New York, where he joined Goldman Sachs in 1982, Agostinelli now also resides in London and Paris. In 1995 he swapped banking for private equity and co-founded the Rhone Group with Steven Langman. Religion and politics are close to his heart; he counts Nicolas Sarkozy, George Bush and José María Aznar as close friends and is a founding member of the Friends of Israel Initiative.


A picture of Henkel products - Christoph Henkel

8. Christoph Henkel £450m

Source of wealth: Chemicals

One of London’s newest arrivals is the Christoph Henkel, heir to Henkel. Both big and old, the company, which makes chemicals and detergents, dates back to 1876. Henkel, 52, enjoyed an 11 per cent rise in profits worth £13.3bn in 2010.


Carphone Warehouse

9. David Ross £450m

Source of wealth: Mobile phones, Property

Life is not grim for Grimsby-born David Ross, co-founder of The Carphone Warehouse. Though not as rich as he once was (The Daily Telegraph valued the entrepreneur at £873m in 2008), he’s still doing alright despite his property company taking a knock in the financial crash.


Louise Blouin - one of London's richest newcomers

10. Louise Blouin £425m

Source of wealth: Media

Hurrah for a another woman! And with a face like that it’d have to be media wouldn’t it. Blouin, based in London but originally from Canada, currently lives in her Thames-side apartment thought to be worth £6m. She made her fortune in Canada, with her then husband, by publishing classified-ad magazines before selling the business in 1997 for an eye-watering £280m. Since then she’s moved in, and conquered, the art world where the Louise Blouin Media group publishes art websites and museum catalogues for the Louvre no less.