London's top 20 most influential on Twitter: RETAIL


Cut through the melee of pointless chitter chatter on Twitter. Discover the retail minds with social reach.

Ranked by: Twitter influence of the most well-known and most-followed political tweeters we can think of. Influence on Twitter measured by Peer Index.

As it is Christmas we thought we’d continue our top tweeters series with a look at retail. With so much shopping going on over the next few weeks it’s hard to imagine how these guys find the time to tweet, but it seems they’re a dedicated bunch.

1.       @maryportas

Sitting on top of the Twitter retail tree is the Queen of Shops herself. The flame-haired retail champion is a force to be reckoned with, single-handedly attempting to save the high street with her reforms one minute, launching her own clothing label the next…tweeting all the while.

Her critical eye never takes a holiday but she’s also happy to give credit where credits due: “Xmas shopping. Brilliant bright service in John Lewis & Anthropologie and Liberty!”

Who needs popular advertising when you’ve got Portas? Her word is gospel.

2.       @nixiepixi

This lady was a make-up artist for 14 years before she rocketed to stardom with her make-up video blog Pixiwoo.com.

Nicola Chapman can show you how you achieve perfect fake tan for Christmas and recreate Angelina Jolie’s cat eyes but if you’re a lucky retailer – she’ll endorse your products too. PRTTY PEAUSHUN body lotion got the stamp of cosmetic approval last week.

Her twitter feed acts like a mini RSS feed of beauty tips. Great for all make-up enthusiasts.

3.       @hwallop

Harry Wallop, the Telegraph’s retail editor, was also co-presenter of Channel 4 series ‘Food: what goes in your basket?’ and was named consumer affairs journalist of the year 2008. He knows his stuff(ing).

His tweets are a healthy mixture of news and comment, such as: “Just what struggling West End retailers need – a power failure closing Oxford Circus tube.”

And according to his Twitter profile he “occasionally bounces on big red balls for features”. Eh?

4.       @C_Bardwell

Christine Bardwell is retail insights research manager at IDC. She regularly imparts her insights with her Twitter followers as well as her seemingly endless battle with contactless payments at Pret. We’re all rooting for you Christine!

In her own words “lover of multichannel retail, etail, mtail and shopping for handbags I can’t really afford.” Just like the rest of us then…

5.       @susieerskine

This London lady spends her time “dancing in red soled shoes” but she ain’t wearing Santa-style Christmas booties. As worldwide online PR manager at Christian Louboutin we’re guessing they’re Louboutin’s.

She tweets a lot about shopping. And shoes. We like her.

6.       @BSillitoe

Ben Sillitoe is editor of Retail Gazette and his Twitter stream reflects this with an endless supply of retail news – it’s a one-stop-shop for retail hounds.

7.       @BRC_Sarah

Sarah works in the press office at the British Retail Consortium so she’s privy to BRC news before anyone else. Her tweets cover BRC activity as well as general retail issues and according to Sarah, cake. Having trawled her stream for some sponge action I found it distinctly lacking.

Come on Sarah get the Christmas cake tweets on the go!

8.       @Pixiwoos

Samantha Chapman is sister to Nicola and runs the official Pixiwoo twitter page. As you can image it’s a make-up love-in, covered in power puffs, foundations, shadows and lipstick.

9.       @timdanaher

One time editor of Retail Week, Tim is now a director at Brunswick – the corporate communications company. By the looks of things his deep-rooted retail affiliations burst forth regularly through Twitter.

Sample tweet: “Shopping in Kings Road and Victoria Street remarkably easy this morning. Hope that’s not a bad sign.” So do we Tim…

10.   @GeorgeMacD

As deputy editor of Retail Week, George is a good man to follow if you want the retail digest: “A busy day so far in retail. HMV, Ocado… and now a private equity offer for AIM-listed occasion wear specialist Jacques Vert.”

11.   @Natalie_Berg

Natalie is a retail analyst covering UK/US markets & co-author of a Walmart strategy book being published in 2012. Insightful tweets make for good reading if you want the bigger picture on retail.

12.   @IsabelCavill

Isabel works for Planet Retail. As senior retail analyst she’s in the know. Not concerned merely with London and the UK her tweets have a global flavour.

13.   @BryanRoberts72

Director of Retail Insights at Kantar Retail EMEA, Bryan describes himself as a “tragic Walmart obsessive” as well as a “leading authority on fast food.

Not afraid to pack the punches either: “Westfield are great, according to the full Portas report. Funny that.”

14.   @andyvan

As deputy technology editor at Which? Andy puts new products to the test. And often tweets or blogs about them. His blog, – Not Remotely Belgium describes him as a “tech journalist, cricket fanatic, Flanders Pigeon Murderer.”

Not sure about the unscrupulous murder of pigeons but his “Diary of a new Mac user” post is extremely useful.

15.   @asos_james

With 13 years under his belt at ASOS, James Hart knows a thing or two about eCommerce and he’s not afraid to tweet about it.

As the first employee through the doors at the online clothing colossus he’s been part of the eRevolution which makes him somewhat of a guru in my books. His 4,935 followers probably agree.

16.   @greg_hodge

Director of global retail at Iconoculture, Inc. Greg Hodge has a pretty jazzy twitter background. Oh and he tweets a lot about shops.

17.   @ASOS_Becki

Well we’re guessing she works for ASOS but in her own words: “Men’s Assistant Buyer – Denim and Street brands – buy buy buy sell sell sell…chuck in a bit of baking, banter and boys for best results.”

18.   @marcusleroux

Retail correspondent at The Times, Marcus’ tweets aren’t limited to the world of consumer goods. One of my favourites from this week: “All these Vaclav Havel obits make me wonder what Britain would be like with a PM that knew the Velvet Underground instead of Johnnie Boden.”

19.   @PaulCoby

Paul is director of IT at John Lewis. And chair of recycling champions SITA. Oh and chair of e-skills UK. AND he writes an extremely detailed blog about “business, technology and people”. Where does he find the time to send all those tweets.

20.   @nickcust

It seems team ASOS are proliferating all over this list with their retail twitterati. In at the post is eCommerce and user experience manager at ASOS, Nick. Also loves red wine and gadgets.