London's 20 most influential tweeters: LAW


The latest in our top tweeters series delves into the Old Bailey and beyond

Ranked by: Twitter influence of as many the most well-known and most-followed political tweeters we can think of. Influence on Twitter measured by Peer Index.

1.       @_millymoo

In at the top comes playfully named Milly Moo – known to insiders as Amanda Bancroft. This prolific and amusing tweeter “once toiled at the bar” and writes the blog Beneath the Wig, where she writes her law related ramblings.

She also finds time to be associate director of 41 Minds, digital comms specialists working across the Healthcare and Legal industry sectors.

According to The Lawyer, Milly’s tweets are particularly adept in taking emerging news stories and explaining how the media or political narratives often do not match up to solid legal analysis.

In her own words, she is “sometimes sweary, often political, a lot ranty”.

2.       @inner_temple

A fertile source of useful knowledge – possibly not that surprising, as the association has been around since the 14th century.

Keeping up with the times the Twitter stream acts as an extension of its blog Current Awareness which provides up-to-date information on new case law, changes in legislation, and legal news.

There’s not a joke in sight in the tweet stream, but it’s very useful for legal professionals – as their healthy Twitter following agrees.

3.       @Charonqc

Charon QC” is a lawyer but is not a practitioner. He has taught law for many years and “to his surprise, still enjoys law”. His Charon QC blog and twitter feed present an opportunity for him to “chuck metaphorical blog roll onto the pitch.”

Sample tweet from today: “Just texted Clegg asking if I could have the ENTIRE grant for his new low paid jobs scheme.. old private sector CEO habits die hard.”

We couldn’t resist adding this excerpt from his about page: “He drinks Rioja – in fact he will drink any red wine, smokes Marlboro, reads all the newspapers (3 Tabloids 4 broadsheets…most days), has a passion for motorbikes and sips espressos three times a day – ordering two each time.”


4.       @UKParliament

Ah yes. The web team over at the parliament release look after this Twitter feed which they describe as “Keeping an eye on government, debating laws, and approving taxes.” Certainly a useful stream if you want a heads up about important meetings and general goings on under Big Ben.

5.       @JoshuaRozenberg

Mr Rozenberg describes himself as Britain’s best-known commentator on the law. In 2010, he returned to the BBC to present the popular Radio 4 series Law in Action, a programme he launched more than 25 years ago. Impressive work.

6.       @thebriberyact

With a lighthouse as its Twitter pic this stream endeavours to “shine a light” on the UK Bribery Act.

It is shared by the authors of thebriberyact.com: Barry Vitou, the head of Pinsent Masons LLP Corporate Crime team, and Richard Kovalevsky QC, specialist in fraud and money laundering at 2 Bedford Row. The feed mixes humour with the serious stuff. A welcome and engaging trait.

7.       @JoannaMG22

London-based writer/editor specialising in IT, KM, comms in legal and business sector.

Joanna Goodman also writes the Dance like nobody’s watching blog.

Working within the legal technology sector and loving all things tech, Joanna’s Twitter feed it a must for techies and law-heads alike.

8.       @LegalBizzle

“Top legal commentator, cultural sophisticate, creative genius: these are just some of the terms that have never been used to describe me. I am a lawyer though.”

Legal Bizzle may not be as good friends with Snoop Dog as his title hints, but he offers useful in-house insights from the legal world.

9.       @London_Law_Firm

Chris Sherliker, the man behind these tweets claims to be one of the very first UK solicitor’s on Twitter. This twitterific pioneer is a founding partner at Silverman Sherliker LLP and commands an impressive audience of 14,245 folllowers.

10.   @AnnaYoshica

Employment, discrimination and partnership lawyer at CM Murray LLP, Yoshica’s opinions are all of her own but she gets some good debates going with her followers; particularly active following Cable’s tribunal’s speech on Wednesday.

Sample tweet: “Submit all complaints to ACAS? Really? And will 3 month time limit to bring claims be increased? Faster turnaround of claims, don’t think so.”

11.   @SolicitorInfo

A one-stop-shop for all your legal needs, this is the feed for the independent ratings website of the same name. All tweets appear to be positive feedback, so it manages not to incure the wrath of London’s solicitors.

12.   @afuahirsch

As The Guardian’s legal affairs correspondent, Afua knows a thing or two about London’s law scene. Interested in spreading her legal tweets beyond the bar, “not just for lawyers!”

13.   @John_Cooper_QC

QC at 25 Bedford Row, specialising in crime and human rights. Cooper is also a writer who broadcasts and writes for TV Radio Stage Books and Newspapers. Has started the campaign #10morecharacters, announcing, “Can I propose an extra 10 characters for Twitter to help some people avoid coming over so rude & aggressive?”

I wonder who had offended him?

14.   @carlgardner

Carl is a barrister, a former government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog.

His strengths are constitutional law and judicial review, EU law and human rights (he teaches the Human Rights Act to government lawyers).

15.   @MarksLarks

Lawyer, broadcaster & chair of University of East London & Contemporary Art Society, Mark Stephens likes bees (at least his Twitter profile background suggests he does).

But if bees aren’t his thing, law certainly is.

16.   @lawyercatrin

Editor of The Lawyer, Catrin Griffiths is a Welsh-speaking North Londoner. She is currently pursuing doctoral research on 1650s culture. Head well and truly in the 21st century however, she tweets a good mix of news updates from her editorial desk, and personal musings.

Thankfully for us, she doesn’t tweet in Welsh.

17.   @legalbrat

Tim Bratton acts as general counsel for The Financial Times, and was a tech lawyer before joining the echelons of the newspaper. He likes solving and dislikes procrastinating. Luckily for law fans, Twitter doesn’t fall into his procrastination box.

18.   @andrewneligan

Mr Neligan “helps legal professionals achieve their lifestyle goals” – or, to you and I, tells them how to spend their hard-earned cash.

Yesterday he tweeted: “Just received by Statement of Professional Standing. It means I am now authorised to financial advice in the new world from 2013.” Seems London might lose him to far off lands.

19.   @babybarista

@babybarista is a fictional account of a junior barrister practising at the English bar. Our fictional legal newbie tweets about his law related adventures to his impressive 9,663 folowers. Not bad for a cartoon.

The person posturing as the profile is Guardian blogger and author of Law and Peace (Bloomsbury Publishing) Tim Kevan.

20.   @aligeary

London litigation solicitor Ali Geary rounds up our Top 20 list. Her tweets follow her specialisms in IT, anti-fraud, bribery and corruption cases, but she still finds time to tweet about her hair in a comic fashion. “Me: Is my fringe uneven? Hairdresser: No but your head is uneven.”