London is home to all 10 of UK’s top tourist attractions. What are they?


Museums and galleries and stuff like that

NAtional Gallery interior

London’s National Gallery

Every single one of the top ten UK tourist attractions are in London, new statistics have revealed.

Over 124 million visitors went to Britain’s top attractions in 2015, a rise of 3.2% compared to 2014.

London is home to the top ten UK attractions, but it was Scottish attractions that saw the largest growth in visitor numbers.

London’s venues saw a 1.6% rise in visitor numbers compared to 5.5% in Scottish venues.  

The British Museum topped the list, followed by the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum.

The Library of Birmingham was the top place to visit outside London, and managed to grab 11th place overall.

Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) director Bernard Donoghue said: “2015 continued to be a record year, mainly due to our members continuing to show how diverse the UK is to both domestic and overseas visitors.

“The current weakness of the pound to the dollar and euro is making the UK a more affordable destination and 2016 is on target to be another memorable year for Alva members.”

Here’s the top 10:

1. British Museum

2. National Gallery

3. Natural History Museum

4. Southbank Centre

5. Tate Modern

6. Victoria and Albert Museum

7. Science Museum

8. Somerset House

9. Tower of London

10. National Portrait Gallery

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