Lego enters top 100 brands. Nokia is out. Who’s on top?


Lego, Paypal and Moet and Chandon knock Gap, Nokia and Nintendo off biggest brands list

Lego’s ascent to world domination has so far been a slow and steady campaign, but now, the Danish toymaker is generating serious waves in the business world as its empire booms.

The huge success of the Lego Movie and its involvement with computer games means that the brand is now worth £5.36bn, placing it at 82nd on Omnicom’s list of most valuable brands.

This means the company is now more valuable than MTV, Jack Daniels, FedEx and Heineken.  

Other new entrants include Paypal at 97th and Moet & Chandon at 99th.

These places come at the expense of Gap, Nokia, Pizza Hut, Nintendo and Duracell, who were all knocked out of the top 100.

Here’s the top 20:

  1. Apple ($170.3bn)
  2. Google ($120.3bn)
  3. Coca-Cola ($78.4bn)
  4. Microsoft ($67.7bn)
  5. IBM ($65.1bn)
  6. Toyota ($49bn)
  7. Samsung ($45.3bn)
  8. GE ($42.3bn)
  9. McDonald’s ($39.8bn)
  10. Amazon ($37.9bn)
  11. BMW ($37.2bn)
  12. Mercedes-Benz ($36.7bn)
  13. Disney ($36.5bn)
  14. Intel ($35.4bn)
  15. Cisco ($29.9bn)
  16. Oracle ($27.3bn)
  17. Nike ($23.1bn)
  18. HP ($23.1bn)
  19. Honda ($23bn)
  20. Louis Vuitton ($22.3bn)

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