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Learn about visa-free countries for an Indian passport to plan your trips better

by John Saunders
1st Sep 21 11:00 am

When it comes to travelling overseas, applying for a visa is something most people dread. Apart from the fear of visa rejection, you might have to visit the embassy or high commission, fill out forms, and even pay an application fee, which isn’t always cheap or affordable. But does that mean you have to cancel your plans to visit foreign countries or have new experiences? No, it does not, as there are several visa free countries for Indian passport.

As an Indian citizen and passport holder, you can visit 21 countries without a visa, even including electronic and on-arrival visas. All you need is your passport, which should be valid for the duration of your stay, and in some cases, a return ticket. However, you will have to undergo immigration and customs inspections even in visa free countries for Indian passport.

Before we move on to the details of visa free countries for Indian passport, here is a list of all the destinations:

Nepal Bhutan Senegal
Jamaica Vanuatu Qatar
Belize Serbia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Trinidad and Tobago Macao Haiti
El Salvador Dominica Fiji
Tunisia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Montserrat
Mauritius Ecuador Grenada

While the list of visa free countries for Indian passport is pretty long and exciting, it is vital that you check the travel advisory and guidelines issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. Doing so is even more essential in view of the coronavirus pandemic, as all foreign countries have their set of rules and regulations for international travelers.

Apart from this, also check whether your dream destination is still on the list of visa-free countries for Indians, as these often keep changing. Similarly, you need to inquire about the visa validity and any entry requirements such as permits, return tickets, hotel bookings, or travel insurance before planning your trip. Although travel insurance is not mandatory, it is a prerequisite for foreign tourists/visitors in many countries.

However, even if buying a travel insurance plan isn’t compulsory for the destination you wish to visit, purchasing one is an excellent idea, and here’s why:

  • Financial aid during medical emergency

Since even vacations and holidays aren’t void of medical emergencies, investing in a travel insurance plan will protect you from the financial burden of hospital bills and expenses. So whether you fall ill, get injured, or suffer an accident, your medical costs will be taken care of by the insurer.

  • Assistance during non-health emergencies

Losing your baggage, passport, or personal documents in a foreign land is something we all fear. But with the right travel policy, such situations won’t be as hectic as insurance companies provide compensation if you lose your checked-in baggage or personal belongings. Similarly, the insurer will also help you retrieve your passport or make a new one if lost.

  • Cover for trip delay, interruption, or cancellation

Having your trip to visa free countries for Indian passport delayed, interrupted, or cancelled can cause financial losses. However, you can safeguard yourself against such unexpected worries by buying travel plans, as most insurance providers offer monetary compensation for such situations.

Better yet, some insurers also take care of your hotel bookings or stay accommodation if your stay overseas gets extended due to a health-related emergency and if you are still on the path of recovery.

  • Peace of mind

One of the greatest benefits of investing in travel insurance is that you get peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about unexpected emergencies or financial burdens. Additionally, you can travel stress-free and tension-free and enjoy your trip to the fullest. However, it is essential always to keep your policy details and an identification card handy so that you can get the required assistance or coverage as soon as possible.

While the components of a travel insurance policy vary from one insurance provider to another, it is important to choose a plan offering comprehensive coverage and maximum benefits. You can go for trusted insurers like Care Insurance that offer a wide range of travel policies at pocket-friendly premiums.

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