Labour in meltdown as Corbyn takes "disastrous" 17-point lead


“Anyone but Corbyn” plead senior party members

After scraping onto the Labour leadership ballot paper at the last minute, Jeremy Corbyn is now on track to win the leadership race.

A poll by YouGov for the Times indicates Corbyn is winning growing levels of support and now has a 17 point lead over nearest rival Andy Burnham in the first round of voting, and forecasts a 53% to 47% win for Corbyn against Burnham in the second round.

Yvette Cooper would come third in the first round of voting, the poll indicates. But Cooper has rejected YouGov’s findings.

A spokesperson for Cooper said: This doesn’t reflect our internal data and significantly understates the huge number of members and supporters giving Yvette their first preference.

“However, what it does show is that Yvette is now the only candidate who can win the leadership election and then reach out to the wider electorate to win the general election in 2020,” the Telegraph reports.

Tony Blair’s former special advisor John McTernan said the party should consider getting two candidates to drop out of the race allowing voters to vote for a single candidate to oppose Corbyn.

He said: “These figures are disastrous for the Labour party, disastrous. The fact is the other candidates need to decide who is the ABC candidate – the Anyone but Corbyn candidate.”

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