Ken devours Boris in edible election


Despite stealing an early lead, Boris Johnson has lost out to Ken Livingstone in the latest barometer of Londoners’ political appetite.

Launched on October 3rd, the Pizza Express ‘Are you a Boris or a Ken?’ campaign invited customers to choose between pizzas with toppings arranged to recreate the faces of each of the two political rivals.

By October 13, Boris was 8 per cent ahead. But when the political pizza poll closed on October 17th, the enterprising food chain revealed that Ken had moved into first place – by 4 per cent.

Head to head as the race for the polls

Head to head as the race for the polls

Ken picked up his prize at the London Restaurant Festival Awards on Monday.

For the record, the Boris pizza was a “a meaty combination of spicy beef and onions with peppers with a mop of grana padana on top.”

For Ken, Pizza Express opted for a “an abundance of sweet red tomatoes, pesto and fresh basil topped with avocado – one of Ken’s favourite foods – and rocket for this keen gardener.”

For my taste, the Boris offering was rather too cheesy, while the Ken alternative was distinctly lacking in spice.

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