Is the weird social media prenup trend coming to the UK?


Are you worried your partner will post naked pictures of you on social media if your relationship ends?

According to a top US attorney, around a third of her clients are asking for a social media prenup, a contract stating what partners can and cannot do on social media after a breakup.

New York-based Ann-Margaret Carrozza said typically couples will ask for a clause stating the partner can’t post naked or embarrassing pictures.

She told ABC News: “It’s a huge issue because we all know this stuff, once it’s out there, you can’t shake it.

“It can be humiliating. It can be painful. It’s really no joke, and I expect this clause to become much more important.”

According to Kaleel Anwar, lawyer at Slater & Gordon, social media comes up in almost all divorce proceedings in this country in some way but he hasn’t seen social media prenups yet.

“The way legal documents are drafted over here is very different to the States, so we cover more legal rather than personal things,” Anwar told LondonlovesBusiness.com.

“But prenuptial agreements here usually include keeping medical or personal matters confidential, so for example not speaking to the press, which is important if it’s a high profile case. This would include social media too.”

What do you think about social media prenups? Would you get one? Leave your comments below…

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