If you commute in London you won’t be able to help but agree with this Lib Dem MP


He’s wants to put an end to the “soul destroying struggle” aspect of commuting

If you ever wondered why it was OK for train companies to make you 20 minutes late for work, for example, and still not refund you a penny, you’re going to like the sound of this.

Tom Brake MP said commuters should be entitled to compensation if their trains are 15 minutes late or more.

The Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington is calling for better compensation for those caught up in “soul destroying” train delays.

He said: “How does it make sense that passengers only get partial compensation for a journey that normally takes 30-45 minute into central London, if their journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more? That’s a delay equivalent to the total length of the journey.

“I am proposing 50% compensation of a single fare to be made available for a delay of 15-29 minutes, with 100% compensation offered for delays of 30 minutes or more.”

About 88% of people who are entitled to it currently do not claim compensation, according to a survey by Transport Focus.

Brake said compensation schemes should be better publicised to consumers.

Claire Perry, rail minister, said: “It is right that customers should be compensated for delays, and we have already made significant improvements to the compensation system, including introducing automatic compensation on a number of services. We are also working with the industry to make our plans for compensation after 15 minutes a reality.”




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