Huge "Boris" polar bear unveiled in Sloane Square by Boris Johnson's dad


BoJo’s dad reveals 12ft white-haired terror

A 12ft sculpture of a polar bear was unveiled yesterday in Sloane Square to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered species by Stanley Johnson, the London Mayor’s father and renowned environmental campaigner.

The sculpture, named “Boris”, will stay in Sloane Square for the next four weeks to mark a campaign calling on politicians to support a ban on the international polar bear trade. 

Stanley Johnson unveils a polar bear

Stanley Johnson unveils a polar bear

The bronze sculpture weighs 0.7 tonnes and was made by artist Adam Binder, who warned hunting was “making a dangerous and unsustainable dent in wild populations that could be the last straw for the species”.

Johnson said:

“The world is looking to the UK to stand up for what is right. We have a chance to reduce the threat to polar bears, an iconic, globally endangered species, by supporting through CITES an international ban on trade in this species.

“For Prime Minister David Cameron, whose first visit as newly elected Conservative leader was to the High Arctic, this is a rare chance to rise above the petty squabbles of domestic politics and demonstrate that Britain is fit to provide leadership on the big global issues.”

The public is being asked over the 28-day campaign to register its support online and to visit Boris in person.