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How to find the best tools for developers

by Sarah Dunsby
9th Mar 23 10:00 am

Being busy is not the same thing as being productive, as any experienced programmer will be able to attest to for you. Even if you could be engaged in a number of activities at once, this does not necessarily mean that you are making progress toward a goal. Or, it’s possible that your lack of productivity is due to the fact that you devote an inordinate amount of time to performing routine chores that could, under other circumstances, be performed by a machine.

Here is a list of certain productivity mobile development apps for programmers and included it in this developer tools guide that we have written.


The best method to build up your programming skills is to take on smaller programming challenges. Programming challenges provide you the opportunity to enhance and expand on your essential programming skills. Programming challenges can be compared to practicing scales upon that piano, tossing a football, or making fast sketches in a notebook.

They are also a good way to become more comfortable with programming languages that you do not have a significant amount of experience using, which is another benefit of utilising them for website redesigning or development. The programming competition known as CodeWars contains hundreds of different challenges, each of which can be completed in one of several different languages.


Another tool for developers that allows them to search for code. It has a search field in which you can input your search string, and when you push enter, it will search through what is said to be 75 billion code lines.

Programmers have the ability to search for code written in over 240 different programming languages using searchcode. Libraries, code snippets, application programming interfaces (APIs), functions, and more can all be searched. In addition, the ability to filter code based on the source languages used – or sources such as GitHub as well as Android – this makes it a fantastic option for developers who are looking for source code or samples.

Code climate

The automated software analysis tool known as Code Climate gives your application a grade based on a variety of criteria, including test coverage, security, complexity, duplication, and style. It includes a free trial that lasts for two weeks. Even if you are not prepared to pay for Code Climate, it is still possible for the tool to provide you with many helpful insights regarding the source code of your most recent personal project or, if the members of your team are receptive to the concept, the service or product that you are developing.

As a software engineer, you undoubtedly have a good nose for code smells, often known as areas in which improvements are possible. When you have the impression that a great number of things seem wrong with the code, though, it might be challenging to figure out where to start. When you’re attempting to make things better or adding custom solutions, Code Climate is a straightforward tool that can provide you a place to start that’s actionable.

Macro recorder

Working on things that are repetitive is a sure-fire way to drive yourself crazy and reduce your output. You are in luck since there is a device that can assist you in getting beyond this obstacle. Macro Recorder is indeed a tool for automation that enables you to automate a variety of operations that are often performed on a computer screen.

Some benefits of Macro Recorder are,

  • It helps you perform complex problems easily.
  • Automate task easily

In the built-in macro editor that comes with Macro Recorders, you will be able to review your actions and recordings, as well as make changes to the input, alter the pauses, and so on. By giving you the ability to play back the tape an unlimited number of times, the tool helps you save both time and effort.


The website CodePen markets itself to front-end developers as a kind of playground. The purpose of the site is presented in a straightforward manner: to provide your code as well as output in a way that is simple to share. Examples of amazing front-end development may be found all over this website, ranging from complicated animations to a 3D metropolis.

Some uses of CodePen are:

  • It can help you learn web development
  • Find inspiration for your artistic works
  • Help you look share ideas

Even though the development and website redesigning makes it simple to rapidly develop and test front-end code, its true value may lie in the sheer quantity of creativity as well as inspiration that is made available by its contributors. These contributors will challenge your notions of what is possible with today’s front-end technologies and encourage you to experiment with new approaches. Contact Nettbyte today to get quotes for making your business successful.

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