Hottest day of the year predicted for London on Thursday


It’s not just the housing market that’s heating up in London. As summer makes its presence felt, the sun is expected to scorch the capital today with temperatures high enough to smash the hottest recorded this year.

The seasonal weather could have the mercury throbbing its way up to 28 degrees Celsius in the south east, a temperature which would beat the highest recorded in the UK so far this year, taken on 18 June in Fife, Scotland.

So far the hottest temperature taken in England this year was 26.5 degrees, in Writtle, Essex, on 9 June.

But these records could be obliterated as summer marches on.

According to the Mirror, Met Office spokeswoman Nicky Maxet said: “It has the potential to be the hottest day of the year.

“The highest temperatures will be in London and the south east.

“It’s looking a bit more cloudy in the north but there will be some sunshine and the chance of showers in the north west.”

So grab your sun cream, sunhats, sunglasses, sundials and your ice cream sundaes and head out for some of the prophesised temperate weather.

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