Here’s why EU countries are getting tired of the UK whinging about asylum seekers


It’s getting embarrassing

If we’re being honest, as a country we spend A LOT of time moaning about immigration. Recently, we’ve had more than a thousand people trying to cross the border from France – sometimes in just one night. And our newspaper headlines are almost permanently screaming about the number of migrants the UK deals with.

But have you ever wondered how well that goes down on the continent?

The UK was one of the only countries to opt out of an EU scheme designed to make relocating refugees easier and fairer. It turns out some European countries take in 10 times the number of asylum seekers than the UK – in fact, as one of the EU’s richest countries, we’re far below other economically similar countries in the number of asylum seekers we take in.

Here’s a graph of figures from Eurostat, showing how many refugees Britain accepts.

Asylum seekers

But now it seems our whinging is starting to grate on everyone. When raised in Europe, the UK’s plan to build a big wall around the entrance to the Channel tunnel made one senior European Commission official put her head in her hands, according to the Financial Times.


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