Here's the funny Green Party video everyone is talking about


Bravo, lefties

It’s a small party which has had to crowd fund much of its campaign money, and yet the Green Party has proven you don’t need a ton of money to make a campaign video with impact.

The party has had us laughing for all the right reasons with the video which features lookalikes of the four main party leaders singing a politically-themed ballad.

(When we say “lookalikes”, the Ed Miliband one is a bit flattering, amirite?!)

Green Party video

It’s not catchy, but it’s quite funny, and the lyrics will strike a chord with those who feel the four main parties are all the same.

“The choice between us couldn’t be clearer / Oxford! Cambridge! Diversity for ya,” the leaders croon.

It’s narrated by a Green Party-type who explains what the weird political boyband is all about.

“Like it? It’s been number one for about 200 years. But all over the country people are standing up to change the tune. Voting true, not tactical.”

Here it is: