Have you spotted the quaint blue house floating on the Thames?


Its blue, has a back garden and is floating on the Thames… if you like quirky homes then this home at Number 1, The Thames, will definitely float your boat.

It’s floating on the Thames thanks to a Airbnb publicity stunt to celebrate the relaxation of rules around home sharing and short term renting. The government now allows Britons to share their homes with travellers for up to 90 days a year.

House floating on the Thames

The house has been designed by architects Nick and Steve Tidball. It comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, and a garden with dog kennel and wisteria.

House floating on the Thames

“Think Primrose Hill meets Pixar,” says Airbnb. “It has all the charms of suburbia… but as you’ve never quite experienced them before.”

The home will meander in The Thames for a week and will make its final stop at Putney Pier.

Airbnb is also offering four people to spend a night aboard by entering a competition.

Londoners are tweeting a lot of photos of the house, take a look:






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