Half of UK workers plan to quit their jobs in 2016 – and 6 more surprising facts about work


Are you one of the 49% of people who have had enough of their job?

Nearly half of workers in the UK plan to quit their jobs this year due to feeling “overworked, undervalued and underpaid”, according to a study.

Investors in People surveyed 2,000 people from all across the UK and found 49% of people are looking to move jobs this year.

The report, Job Exodus Trends 2016, also produced some other surprising stats:

1. A third of employees said they would prefer a more flexible approach to working hours than a 3% payrise.

2. Nearly a third said they would rather have a clear career progression route than a 3% payrise.

3. A quarter would rather their employer invested in their training and development more than a 3% payrise.

2. Nearly a third of employees say they are miserable at work, thanks mostly to poor management and not feeling valued.

3. Thirty-eight percent said their pay wasn’t enough.

4. One in eight people said the one thing their employer could do to make them happier at work was to say “thank you” more.

5. More than a quarter of 18-24 year olds felt they had had no clear career progression in their current job.

6. Bad leadership alone costs the UK £39bn a year.


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