Guilt be gone: Working mums are actually helping their kids get on in life, study finds


It seems mums who go out to work are setting a great example for their daughters

Any woman who felt guilty going out to work this morning instead of staying at home with their children can breathe a sigh of relief.

A Harvard study has busted the myth that having a working mother is bad for children after it found daughters of working mums go on to have more impressive careers, earn more money and have more equal relationships.

The cost of raising children in the modern world generally requires two salaries, even if families would prefer to have a parent at home. It’s no secret that it’s women who often feel the most guilt about working, especially if they enjoy their career.

However, the global research found that far from harming children, having a working mother sets a good example.

As well as being paid around 4% more, daughters raised by an employed mother spend less time on housework than women whose mothers stayed home fulltime.

Even after adjusting for education levels and social background, daughters of working mums were also more likely to be promoted to managerial positions.

Meanwhile, having a working mother didn’t have a noticeable effect on their son’s careers but it did make them more paternal and family oriented, the study found.

“These findings suggest that in addition to transmitting gender attitudes across generations, mothers’ employment teaches daughters a set of skills that enable greater participation in the workforce and in leadership positions,” the study says.


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