Great Scot! Former police HQ Great Scotland Yard to become £10,000-a-night hotel


“Ello, ello, ello”, is probably not what the person at the front desk at Great Scotland Yard will utter when you stroll into the lobby, as the former police HQ is set to be turned into a £10,000-a-night five-star hotel.

The original Scotland Yard police HQ, which was used by the Metropolitan Police until 1890, is currently undergoing major renovation to turn it into a luxury hotel.

The Malmaison hotel group is set to buy the building for around £200m and the work is expected to be completed in 2016.

The seven-floor building will house 235 bedrooms, a VIP suite, a ballroom and an upmarket restaurant.

By coincidence the Met’s current home, New Scotland Yard, has also recently been sold, and will become a hotel too.

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