Government to axe BBC Trust and hand powers to Ofcom


The BBC’s in house governing body, the BBC Trust, is to be closed down and the 93-year-old broadcasting service will be instead regulated by an external organisation for the first time.

According to the Telegraph, part of the BBC’s renegotiation to obtain its charter will come at the price of the BBC Trust, and instead, Ofcom is to be extended with the specific remit of covering the BBC.

Though negotiations for the renewal of the charter have not begun yet, a Green Paper triggering the process is expected in weeks, and one source told the Telegraph that “you can put your mortgage on it”, referring to the closure of the BBC Trust.

The move comes after David Cameron’s appointment of John Wittingdale, who has repeatedly said that he is “not going to war” with the BBC, and that he doesn’t have a “vendetta” against them.  But he’s not exactly singing the corporation’s praises either.

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