Google boss Sundar Pichai is the highest-paid CEO in the US. You won’t believe what he’s earned since October


He’s earned more than the next highest-paid CEO in just four months

Google boss Sundar Pichai has been awarded $199m in shares making him the top paid CEO in the US.

Pichai became chief executive in October, when the company was restructured and its parent company Alphabet was formed.

He now owns stock worth $650m after the addition of the 273,328 Alphabet shares on 3 February.

Some of the shares are in options, which means he’ll gain control of them gradually until 2019.

The award means Pichai actually received more than the company paid in 10 years’ worth of back taxes to the UK government.

Google will have paid between just 2% and 3% tax since 2005, rather than the 20% corporation tax rate that is standard in the UK.

According to Forbes, the next highest-paid US CEO is John Hammergren of pharmaceutical firm McKesson, who earned $131.2m last year.

The Irish Google office isn’t happy

This news might not go down too well among Irish Google employees who it was discovered earn less than half the salary of their London-based colleagues.

The average wage in the Dublin office was £72,783, compared with the £160,000 average salary for their British counterparts, despite the London office playing a supportive role to the main team in Ireland.



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