Get your gold bullion here! New London shop selling gold bars worth £300,000


Bling it on home: Mayfair store opens offering Londoners top-notch swag

Are you running low on gold bullion? I know I am. It’s like sand through the fingers.

Luckily help is at hand. A new emporium especially designed for selling chunks of the precious metal has opened on St James’s Street.

Provided you have the desire and the funds, you can buy gold coins and gold bars, and even store them in the shop’s high-security safety deposit boxes.

Purchasers will be able to nip out and buy bars from as low as £35 a gram, up to £300,000 for a stonking great lump weighing 11.3kg.

The company providing this elemental wonderment is broker Sharps Pixley.

The company said: “London is considered by many as the global epicentre for gold trading at the professional level but in spite of this, physical metal is often not readily accessible to everyday investors.”

Golden Ferrari

Used all your gold on your car? Buy some more!

Sharps Pixley chief executive Ross Norman said: “It is our mission to make precious metals both more visible and accessible here in the UK. Gold has exhibited a 4,000-year track record of wealth preservation and offers investors protection or insurance against economic crises.”

Any would-be buyers take note: If you plan to splash over five grand on flashy gold bullion, then be sure to bring photo ID and proof of address to the store.

After the astonishing raid at Hatton Garden last year, the words “safety deposit box”, have never been so unpromising, however, Sharps Pixley have apparently gone to town with security systems that include facial recognition software and anti-theft smoke screens. You might say it was gold standard.

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