From Simon Cowell to Jackie Chan, tax affairs of world's rich & famous exposed in Panama Papers


The leaks keep coming

We’ve heard about David Cameron and other politicians’ tax affairs and now it’s the turn of celebrities.

Here are the big names exposed for having offshore money in the Panama Papers:

Simon Cowell

Arguably the biggest celebrity on the list, Cowell is said to have two companies in the British Virgin Islands.

Sir Mark Thatcher

Son of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is listed as a beneficiary of a trust which is owned through a number of companies based in different offshore locations.

Heather Mills

The former wife of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney denies not being a UK taxpayer but it seems Mills used to own shares in an offshore company.

Sarah Ferguson

In 2001, the duchess was confused over who was running her interests in the British Virgin Islands, letters have revealed.

Paul Burrell

The former butler to Princess Diana is the shareholder of a Virgin Islands Company set up in 2005 called Black Dragon Group Ltd.

Jackie Chan

The actor owned at least six offshore companies based in the British Virgin Islands.


The Chelsea footballer, real name Willian Borges da Silva, had one company in the British Virgin Islands, with the Chelsea training ground in Surrey given as the UK address.