Fraudulent arms companies charged taxpayers for magicians, croquet and speeding fines


Michael Fallon to call for “vital” changes to arms procurement

Magician cards

Abracadabra… and the money is gone!

Fraudulent companies supplying the UK with arms passed on the tab for luxury perks including horseracing trips, croquet lessons and magicians, to British taxpayers, it has emerged.

Speeding fines are also alleged to have been unwittingly paid for by the government.

Defence Minister Michael Fallon will lift the lid on the abuses and tell the audience at an Institute of Directors dinner in Durham that “vital” work is required to overhaul the procurement process used by the Ministry of Defence, the FT reports.

This will include a new Whitehall defence watchdog, which will have the power to fine arms companies up to £1m for breaching contract rules.

Plans to privatise the arms procurement sector collapsed in 2013 after bidders withdrew from the process. The Labour party described it as a “complete shambles”.

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