Former HSBC Alternative Investments team launch new real estate investment boutique in partnership with Woodman Group


$550m of real estate assets and new capital committments 

Blue Noble LLP, an independent real estate investment management company, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, launched today in partnership with Swiss based investment firm Woodman Group. As a corporate equity partner to Blue Noble, Woodman has committed an initial USD 550 million of real estate assets and new capital.  This comprises two European mixed-use portfolios incorporating office, residential and retail assets valued at USD 450 million, as well as a capital commitment of USD 100 million.

Based in London, Blue Noble acquires and manages physical property investments on behalf of high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.  It will target real estate assets from across the risk spectrum, initially focusing on familiar European markets.

This strategic partnership will bring together Woodman’s established brand, scale and robust operational infrastructure and Blue Noble’s innovative, client focused approach as a boutique investment management firm.  The move reflects structural changes and macro trends that are currently impacting the financial services industry as a whole.

While banks and large financial institutions increasingly move away from housing direct alternative investment capabilities, in favour of promoting more accessible, scalable, third party fund offerings, the allocation to alternatives from private investors continues to rise.

According to research by McKinsey, private investors are increasingly embracing more specialised private market exposure, especially real assets, in order to achieve superior and more aligned investment outcomes; there has, as a consequence, been an increase in allocations to real estate among other real assets.